Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect. 3 Arts Entertainment. 1997.

Before watching the movie:

I know pretty much nothing about this movie. I am informed that the premise involves the main character faking a fiance for apparent life stability to get promoted at work, which I hope gets a little more justified, because anywhere else will look at your job as the sign of how stable your life is. Interesting to note that this 90s boss wants a female employee to be engaged though, since only a few decades earlier marriage was seen as a career-ending move for women.

I will also note that the handwritten-style title, particularly when displayed in white, strongly reminds me of Friends, which I wouldn’t doubt was intentional, this being a late 90s movie starring a Friends alum.

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Office Space

Office Space. 20th Century Fox 1999.

Before watching the movie:

From time to time I pass up a film, and it goes on to get big. Then I start thinking about seeing it, but the moment has passed, and I just run into references here and there. Happily, nobody’s quoted Office Space to me in pieces. Yet.

There comes a point when I decide I might as well see what I’ve been missing. I’m told it’s supposed to be popular among people who work in the kind of offices it’s satirizing, but I haven’t met anybody who likes it who does. Or that many people in general who work in cube farms, really. They seem to be a mistake of the 90s that is mostly filtered out of the system. Even on The Office it’s not that bad. On the other hand, I wish I could work in a cube farm at least for a while.

Anyway, people like this movie. I want to too.

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Leprechaun. Trimark Pictures 1993.

Before watching the movie:

Remember when I often gave “bad” movies a chance on this blog? I found this movie and had to give it a try. I’ll probably regret it, but hopefully my readership (all four of you) will enjoy it.

If I recall correctly, the thing this movie is most infamous for is making Leprechaun 2 possible, so at least I know I haven’t signed up for the worst horror movie of all time.

Three reasons I’m reviewing this now: It’s not quite Halloween, so this isn’t a holiday tie-in; it’s nowhere near St. Patrick’s Day, so I don’t ruin my St. Patrick’s day (also St. Pat’s won’t be on a blogging day next year); and I found it while looking for a movie to do this week.

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