The Mighty Ducks

The Mighty Ducks. Walt Disney Pictures 1992.

Before watching the movie:

I’m not exactly sure how I missed the Mighty Ducks phenomenon of the 90s. I knew it was a thing, but not only was I not interested (it’s a sports movie, and there aren’t any real ducks), it was never foisted upon me. I do recall noticing it (or one of the sequels) on a muted TV across the room once in the orthodontist’s office, but that’s it.

The spinoffs this movie had were ridiculous though. Two sequels is one thing, an in-name-only animated adaptation about superpowered hockey-playing cartoon ducks is another, and creating an actual NHL hockey team off the success of a movie is bizarre.

I didn’t intend to do two Disney movies concerning ducks in a row, it just happened. They’re so far apart in time and subject that I didn’t realize until I was set on this movie.

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The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club. Universal Pictures 1985.

Before watching the movie:

Wow. I know absolutely nothing about this movie, even though it’s one everyone knows about. I know that it’s from the 80s, contemporary, and set in a high school. I think  it’s a musical, or at least has a popular soundtrack of pop songs.  I know literally nothing else. It was a big surprise to me that it was rated R.

I have a very simple question to answer this week: Why does everyone love this movie but not talk about it?

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