Young Sherlock Holmes

Young Sherlock Holmes. Amblin/Paramount 1985.

Before watching the movie:

Going into this one , I know that this is a movie: 1)About Young Sherlock Holmes, and  2)my mother quickly realized I was too young for once. (I don’t remember that incident.)

The blurb isn’t much more helpful. It talks about an “exciting adventure” and a “series of mysterious deaths near… Brompton Academy.” That’s more than enough for me to get a sense of what to expect, actually, but it doesn’t give me much to say. I’ve heard it’s a comedy and that, by nature of its premise, isn’t even attempting to live up to canon.

Side note: I wanted to have a Leslie Nielsen movie this week in light of his death, but was unable to obtain one. The one I chose should be here next week though.

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For Love Or Money

For Love Or Money, Universal Pictures 1993

Before watching the movie:

Several years ago, I was introduced by complete accident to the Back to the Future trilogy, and through that to Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd. At that age, I’d get excited about a new actor and watch a bunch of movies they starred in.

In Fox’s case, Family Ties reruns were being broadcast in my town, and his autobiography Lucky Man had just been released, so he left a little more impression on me than most of the actors I sampled in that phase. Yet only one of the several movies I saw is included with the Michael J. Fox comedy favorites collection, which I found while browsing my local library.

That fact gives me a little hope for this movie, since quite frankly it’s the least interesting-looking one in the collection, but if it won over Life With Mikey, it can’t be too terrible.

What’s it even about? Find out in the main article.

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