Heavy lifting

The mood for this week includes

  • The Music Box, the classic Laurel and Hardy short about carrying a piano up a steep hill, again and again and again.
  • The Money Pit, a young couple’s dream home project spirals out of control.
  • The Long, Long, Trailer, a young couple pulling everything they own behind them, learning a lot in the process.

Yesterday’s Movies goes to the… wait a minute…

I find myself without the time to review a movie because of some movie-making business coming up suddenly, so here is a selection of reviews about movies about movie-making:

Holiday leftovers

Put together a refrigerator turkey sandwich with some Yesterday’s Movies seasonal favorites.

Regular reviews resume next week.

Under the weather

I’m sick in a sleepy and achy way that clashes with critical thought, so I have to put this project aside this week and rest.

I just learned today that the comic relief boffin sidekick from Spider-Man: Homecoming, Jacob Batalon, was also the comic relief boffin sidekick in Rooster Teeth’s horror pastiche Blood Fest, less a lot of hair. I knew he looked familiar from something.