Sergeant Deadhead

Sergeant Deadhead. Alta Vista Productions 1965.

Before watching the movie:

From how hard the movie is trying to be sold as a wacky comedy, I would expect that the change that Avalon’s undergoes in space would be really wacky, like he comes back really loopy, or having switched minds with his simian copilot. At the very least, “Deadhead” suggests to me an “idiot comes turns smart” story, which isn’t necessarily funny. But the summary I read says that he returns with a more “aggressive” personality. That doesn’t necessarily sound funny. Maybe it’s funny because he’s aggressive like a chihuahua, overconfident in his abilities.

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Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines

Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines (Or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours 11 Minutes). 20th Century Fox 1965.

Before Watching the Movie:

I came home for Thanksgiving, and found this movie on loan to my parents from my grandparents. I know nothing about it other than what the box says, which isn’t much. I know it’s a comedy, and that Terry-Thomas has some small, lead-dwarfing cameo in it.

It’s about the early days of flying in the second decade of the 20th century, and the first air race. The box says nothing about the plot, but I would guess that it has loads of characters, much like It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.

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