My Favorite Brunette

Not my favorite poster. (Don't worry, this is the first time I've used Alt Text.)
My Favorite Brunette. Paramount Pictures 1947.

Before watching the movie:

“Noir spoof” sells. Bob Hope as a wannabe detective gets in over his head in a real case.

All I really have to say besides that is that I hope that handlebar caterpillar in the poster is a disguise, not worn for the entirety of the movie. But I doubt it.

Another selection from the great big box of movies loaned to me by my grandparents.

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The Comedy of Terrors

The Comedy of Terrors. American International Pictures 1963.

Before watching the movie:

This was a random find. I’m not even sure what got it recommended to me, but it looks fantastic. I somehow got the impression it was from the 30s/40s era it claims to be spoofing, but was rather surprised to find it’s from the early 60s.

Anyway, here’s a star-studded cast of horror actors (and Basil Rathbone) in a comedy about a mortician who takes a proactive approach to getting clients. It looks like it’s been unfairly forgotten.

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