If it’s Tuesday, This Must be Belgium

If it's Tuesday, This Must be Belgium. Wolper Pictures 1969.
If it’s Tuesday, This Must be Belgium. Wolper Pictures 1969.

Before watching the movie:

This has one of those memorable titles that come up much more often than anything about the contents of the movie.  I think I heard some time after coming across the title that this was about a European vacation tour, but not much more. I got the idea that it was a family vacation, and imagined National Lampoon’s Griswold family driving through the continent, when it’s actually a tour group. (Though National Lampoon did do European Vacation, so maybe I just conflated them. I’ve only seen Family Vacation and Christmas Vacation though.)

Anyway, the confusion implied by the title has more to do with the speed of the tour than a series of unfortunate events or interpersonal conflict, though I expect both to follow from it.

The description focuses on Suzanne Pleshette’s character falling for the tour guide, but I’m hoping the actual story is more ensemble-driven with those two having a small plurality, because the situation seems to lend itself to madcap antics in all directions.

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