Robin And Marian

Robin and Marian. Columbia Pictures 1976.

Before watching the movie:

Remember the story of Robin Hood? Forget it. Well, don’t forget it, because this is a sequel. To the fable. The story you know is the backstory. If Robin Hood was Sean Connery. And it happens all over again. That’s the impression the box gave.

These are short sentences.

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Family Plot

Family Plot. Universal Pictures 1976.

Before watching the movie:

I didn’t know Alfred Hitchcock did comedies, but here this is. I’ve read a few different synopses that seem to tell entirely different stories, but it seems to involve disreputable people, lots of money, and family relations.

The only thing I completely understand going in is that Alfred Hitchcock was involved, so there will be massive attention to detail.

Despite the massive changes coming my way this summer, I expect to be able to keep this blog going. However, that depends on how I assess the situation upon arrival.

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Logan’s Run


Logan’s Run. Metro Goldwyn-Mayer 1976.

Before watching the movie:

My professor recommended this film to me as a similar story to draw from while writing for National Novel Writing Month. From the trailer I saw, it looks more like a totalitarian dystopia than a “the world is a lie” disillusionment, but I’ll give it a try.

The founding conceit reminds me of an episode of Star Trek, only with less protesting and more running and shooting. People’s hands have some glowing device in them.

Incidentally, Farrah Fawcett’s appearance makes a Google Image search for this movie difficult to find meaningful results.

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