Blue Streak

Blue Streak. Wintergreen Productions 1999.
Blue Streak. Wintergreen Productions 1999.

Before watching the movie:

This came up in automatic recommendations, and I know very little about it. Apparently, it concerns a jewel thief trying to recover his stash, which had a police station built over it while he was in jail. I’m expecting something of a heist, but there are indications he spends a while posing as a police officer to get inside, which implies a deeper level of infiltration than I usually think of for a heist.

After watching the movie:

Miles Logan’s team’s jewel heist would have probably gone perfectly, if Deacon hadn’t decided a five-way split wasn’t enough, and turned on his accomplices. This gets the attention of the police, and Logan ends up arrested, but not before he drops the $17M diamond in the vents of the abandoned office building across the street. After two years in prison, Logan plans to go get the diamond from where he left it, but finds that while he was away, they put a police station in that building. And the only people allowed in as far as the duct he needs to get into are wearing badges or handcuffs. With a counterfeit badge and phony transfer papers, Logan plans a quick in and out as Detective Malone. Unfortunately, he quickly gets noticed and swept into the department as a real detective. His skills committing crimes make him great at solving them, but not only does he have to keep his his friend he had to arrest quiet, Deacon is after the diamond too, and Logan’s being kept too busy being a cop to find it.

The summary I saw beforehand was just really insufficient, I guess. The theft is a caper gone pear-shaped, but most of the movie is a false identity getting out of hand. The imposter forced to maintain the masquerade much longer than intended. I want to call it a mistaken for special guest plot, but he’s not a guest, he’s the expert detective they’ve been requesting assigned to them.

I’m not sure how I feel about the shrewish public defender who keeps popping up. She’s used much less than I expected, which is probably good because giving the character more time wouldn’t have fleshed her out, only done more jokes at the expense of the rights of suspects. I would’ve liked to see her be right about something, but that’s an entirely different movie.

Well, it was fun. It did what it set out to do. I see indications this was pretty well received by audiences, but it’s not very remarkable as an action comedy. It entertains, but nothing really lingers. Which is better than some of the alternatives, but not a lasting favorite.


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