So I Married an Axe Murderer

So I Married an Axe Murderer poster
So I Married an Axe Murderer, Tristar Pictures 1993

Before watching the movie:

I’m not sure if I’d heard of this movie before it appeared on Hulu. I remember reading about a movie with a long, straightforward title concerning getting married to a psychopathic killer, but I thought the title was longer.

I expect this movie to be at the core of what you should expect to see at Yesterday’s Movies. A quirky comedy that’s slightly obsscure, but mainstream.

During and after watching:

The title sequence makes it known that this is NOT just a horror spoof. A giant cappuccino gets made to the strains of early 90s rock. It’s given to Mike Meyers, who immediately quips about its size. He’s at an arty coffeehouse, and performs one of those ridiculously avant-garde poems that I can’t tell a parody from the real thing.

Meyers plays both the protagonist Charlie, and his father. It’s probably not the first, and definitely not the last time Meyers played with a Scottish accent. He’s like a drunk, half-deaf Shrek.

The film makes it emphatically clear that Charlie’s on the rebound as it opens, and he there’s a very obvious spark between him and Harriet when they meet. Then Meyers has a falling-in-love montage where he gets set loose improvising with a whole butcher shop.

Meyers is about as madcap as you’d expect him to be in one of his own vehicles, which sometimes takes away from the scene. When he surprises his new girlfriend’s sister in the shower, his scream is exactly like it would be if he was making a joke, so I thought nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Anthony LaPaglia has an extensive role as Meyers’s best friend who is always at family events for some reason I never caught. He’s a police inspector who’s bored with his job because it’s not like Starsky and Hutch. Phil Hartman has a hilarious deadpan cameo as an Alcatraz tour guide for no apparent reason, and Michael Richards appears as a newspaper employee roughly right around the time Seinfeld was starting to become a big thing. A few other faces I almost recognize show up, probably Saturday Night Live stars at the time.

This movie kept me guessing, and I guessed it. Kind of. It was one of the many ends I thought of, and not the one I settled on.

See this movie: and find out what happens when Mike Meyers thinks he’s marrying Michael Meyers.

Don’t see this movie: if you want to see blood that didn’t come from a cow.

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